(Shaping Talent and Nurturing Dreams) - an Initiative by Birati Globe Vision Society.


Birati Globe Vision Society aspires to cultivate such rare talents awaiting harvest. In this esteemed journey of ours, we would like to invite you cordially to be a part of this benevolent initiative. Through this enterpriser, we would foster the neo-learners to be a part of the universal camaraderie of knowledge and evolution. We would further like you to extend your gracious support so that these underprivileged children find their means of survival and certainty in the planet.

Sir/Madam, if you are willing to shoulder the annual academic responsibility of a child in the form of extending your financial support, we would remain indebted to you forever.

Sponsorship Details

The details of break up as follows

BGVS remains solemnly responsible for providing you the following from our end

  • Half-yearly and Annual Academic Development report will be sent to you via E-Mail/ WhatsApp.
  • Half-Yearly and Annual Health Development report will be sent to you via E-Mail/WhatsApp.
  • Personal monitoring facility will be provided through physical/ online means of communication.

Benefactor Details

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