Child Development

Child Development

Every child is a different kind of flower; together we have a beautiful garden called earth.

We, at BGVS under theme of Shaping Life, assume the role of a thread which converts these flowers into a garland.

Kids who were born by chance and not by choice in the slums of railway track in Durganagar, sub-urbs of Kolkata, also do have a human right to survive, live and also do have right to education and opportunity. We cannot choose who would be our parent and the same is also applicable to these kids. BGVS, under the theme of Shaping Lifecould purchase a plot of land, constructed a school building, running a school for these kids, providing them reading material, dresses, food, moral support and environment through Knowledge Provat, the school.The smile, ecstasy and commitment in the eyes and behaviour of these kids is our certification for a right job done. If we avoid or stop

providing the same to them now, we are sponsoring human capital to become anti-social elements of tomorrow and a terrorist of the next week.

We do not teach the child, we create environment for learning.

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