Who we are

Birati Globe Vision Society (BGVS) is a Non-Profit Organization mainly working on Education, Livelihood and Employment in five districts of West Bengal, India. BGVS believes in a self-sustainable model to run every project. Its main objective is to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people in rural areas of West Bengal.

Our Vision

To provide quality education to the underprivileged section of the society through use of technology and innovative learning models.

Our Mission

  • To provide primary and secondary school education to 5000 underprivileged children in West Bengal in next five years.
  • To lay special focus on sports and other skill development activities.
  • To improve economic conditions of parents through capacity building programmes
  • To guide school pass outs of BGVS get higher education or employment.

What we have done so far

BGVS started its journey in 2009 with job-oriented training programmes. Five years later in 2014 it introduced its first free English medium school at Durganagar slum Area in Birati region in West Bengal. BGVS now runs five schools in five districts of West Bengal offering quality education to 500 students. Along with this, BGVS trained the parents of the students to develop their skills and proper utilization of their resources, so that they can uplift their economic conditions.

How are we different

In addition to curriculum-based learning, we provide equal emphasis on inner skills of children and encourage them to pursue extra-curricular activities. Due to our efforts, two of our students got bronze medals in an International Karate Championship in 2018. We also train our children on communication, environmental awareness, confidence building exercises, and skill developments. These extra-curricular activities and programmes are imparted at a very early age right from Class I. As students mature and go to higher grades, the focus of these programmes also changes.

What we are looking for

The parents of our students have suffered huge financial hardship in the past two years due to pandemic and are unable to support the education of their children. We are now providing free education. The annual operating costs per student is roughly Rs.16,500. Our plan is to set up five additional schools to reach our target of 5,000 students in next five years. The financial projections for next five years are provided.

We are looking for your generous support to achieve our goal.