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Education, Education only Education is the foundation of our life, but in reality, there are many places in India, where education still is a luxury for those people. So, we are running four free/subsidized English medium schools in four districts of West Bengal. Our vision is to help those people to build the foundation of their children through education. In this way those children will be able to uplift the next generation. We started with six children and now we are able to take care of 697 children from this background. We started our journey through a rough surface, but it gradually got smoother. Till date people are able to understand the importance of our work so, 697 families already join with our mission. We know that it is a small number, but it is our goal to associate 5000 children in this mission.

Apart from taking the responsibilities of their children we are scaling up the efficiency through skill building workshops to those guardians to develop their economic condition. First, we analyse the resources they have, then we train them through several workshops by the experts from individual sections. Secondly, we constantly monitor their work till they complete the circle of their work like training to merchandise their products.

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