Maa Sarada Vivekananda Ramakrishna (MSVR) Mission Academy (Dwarir Jungle, Sundarban)

MSVR Mission Academy, Dwarir Jangal School Premises

The success and experiences from our 1st schools give us enough courage to start our Second school at Dwarir Jangal Sundarban. The original primary school was destroyed by the super cyclone and with the help of AIBEA (All India Banking Employment Association) we were able to rebuild the school. The school building is also used as a Cyclone Shelter Centre in this region. This is the first English medium school in that region and its surrounding islands. We introduce the workshop for the native people on Animal husbandry, Fishing, Organic farming and Production of Bio fertilizer. After a period of two years, we have noticed some partial economical upgrades. Through those skill build-up programs we are able to run the school at subsidized fees from free schools.

School Facilities

  • Smart Classroom
  • Library Facilities
  • Computer Lab
  • Classes under CCTV surveillance
  • Extra-Curricular activities like: Karate, Yoga, Vision Activity Program, Drawing, Abacus
  • Missionary Culture
  • Hand wash and Hygiene maintain wash basin for the students

Why we select Dwarir Jangal ?

There are several reasons to choose this place, here we discussed in below:

  • In terms of population density and child population, this Island is very large and the spread of education here is not that much.
  • The education rate is very low here, especially the female education rate is very low.
  • The island is easily accessible as it is well connected by rail (Caning Rail Station) or road (Dhamakhali bus stop is only 5 KM).

Story from the Ground (Dwarir Jangal

Dwarir Jangal is an Island under Sandeshkhali 2 block of Sundarban region, West Bengal. Here the original primary school was destroyed by the super cyclone and with the help of AIBEA (Mr. Ragan Nagar and his team) we were able to rebuild the school. The school building is also used as a Cyclone Shelter Centre in this region. This is the first English medium school in that region and its surrounding islands. When we started the English medium school we have decided to maintain a minimum fees for the school but we have also declared those guardians who will not capable with that they can apply for the concession. Unfortunately the all of them asked for the concession due to their poor economic condition. Then we decided at first we have to build their economic condition before the education. We help them to prepare animal husbandry in full organic way at their houses by provided all the necessaries too, and since it is an island so  here many people engaged with the Pisciculture, we help them in the Organic Pisciculture with proper training. Now all the people of the Island now economically stable with their respective economic activities. All the guardian now send their children at our school i.e. MSVR Mission Academy, Dwarir Jangal and now they are also capable the school fees for the children. Thus we spread the education in that Island with the sustainable economic growth of the families of that Island.

Story from the Ground (Dwarir Jangal

  • Provide modern or advanced education to the children who basically belongs to this Island and surrounding areas.
  • Every child shall have regular academic classes with moral and character building education.
  • There shall be extra-curricular activities like drawing, Karate, Singing, Recitation, Yoga, Abacus to evaluate their inner power and potentials.
  • To boost up knowledge to enhance learning.
  • To boost up inner confidence and to create a clear vision to the nation we have also added the biography of great personalities of our Nation.
  • Each students shall be encouraged for higher education in the stream he or she has skills and willing for.

Mission of this Schools

Birati Globe Vision Society has introduced this school aims to expand learning in that areas and for the overall development of the child. Every wall in our school house is made of wood, i.e. permanent wall is not made because natural calamities cause problems here more or less in every year, for that the local people in the whole area suffer greatly. For this reason we also use our school building as a safe home during any natural calamity for the local people. Our overall goal is to overall development of the children of that area in the context of Education and other activities like Karate, Yoga, Abacus, Computer Training, Vision Activity Program and Library, and also we stand by the local people in the island in every aspect of their life. The school library which can be used by the children of the school along with their guardians. It is good to mention that many guardians came here from far away to send their children to school, but once the children are in school they have nothing to do so they can spend that time with a good book.

Vision of this Schools

The vision of the school is to induce the idea of BASK (Behavior-Attitude-Skill-Knowledge) in the whole person to build a complete person. Each student will have the proper capacity to strive for the best top put in then effects for the required job skills. These, a value added education system is required where youth will get academic education as well as hand in hand education to build up a proper career in every context, it might be the agriculture in local areas, fishing in local areas or any job. We, Birati Glove Vision Society also trained them in Agriculture thus they inculcate the knowledge of Organic Farming at the beginning of their life.

Teaching Method of this Schools

  • To give an opportunity for the underprivileged children for acquiring a minimum level of education.
  • To develop self-confidence, awareness about various social issues and moral character of them by organizing extra-curricular activities.
  • To promote we feel the sense of brotherhood and also about the team work which helps them to adjust with environment.
  • We implanted the trees by students on every 15th August and respected children’s’ are responsible for all the trees. The sole purpose of this initiative is to increase their focus and develop them as big-hearted individual and to develop the love for the Nature and Environment and also it will develop their inner potential.
  • Learn to live with full of dignity and respect in their life.
  • We also arrange the free evening classes for the children thus they learned everything from the schools and guardians did not expend a single penny for the child education.
  • Other includes like full English conversation to build up their spoken English capacity and recreational classes like Music, Rhyme.
  • Other awareness program like necessity of blood donation, tree plantation, anti-drugs awareness, Agricultural training also conduct in the school.
15th August 2022 at Dwarir Jangal celebration at MSVR Mission Academy

Annual Sports 2023

Army Traing at Dwarir Jangal with Ex Army

Karate class at Dwarir Jangal

Dwarir Jangal Computer training Certified course under Indian Youth National Computer

Dwarir Jangal class for Govt Service
Dwarir Jangal Library for School Guardian and Kids

Dwarir Jangal tree planation by kids

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