“Take risk in your life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide.”

Swami Vivekananda

“Take risk in your life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide.”

Swami Vivekananda

Who are we?

Birati Globe Vision Society (BGVS), a Non-Profit Organization working on to develop the economic conditions of rural areas mainly providing quality Education, organize Livelihood training/ workshops and help to generate Employment in some regions of West Bengal.

Our Vision

To uplift the skills of the villagers so that they can utilise their local resources and be able to develop their economic condition. Along with providing quality education to the children of those villagers as per with the New Education Policy of the Govt. through:-

• Use of technology and innovative learning models like smart classes, computers etc.• Providing skill development training to the parents of the students to uplift their skills and utilize their resources, properly in order to uplift their economic condition

What we have done so far

Started with a Job-oriented training programme in 2009. Till date helped approximately 1545 students in State and Central Government Jobs including CGL, Staff Selection Commission, Bank PO, Kolkata Police.

• Started its first free English medium school named Knowledge প্রভাত at Durganagar slum Area in 2015. Currently, we are responsible for Capital Expenditure and Operation of 3 English medium schools and only Operation for 2 other English medium Schools (5 in total) in 5 different districts of West Bengal offering quality education to 734 students.
• Providing training of 1000+ farmers of West Bengal, in organic farming.
• Providing Skill Development programme (Like Parenting Orientation, Spoken English Class, Regular use of Library etc.) for the parents of the Students of BGVS-led MSVR Mission Academy at Dwarir Jungle, Sundarban.

What is the Impact of our Work

• At Durganagar Slum Area where we have started our First free english Medium school named Knowledge প্রভাত, with a strength of 6 students, now it turn into 130 students and average regular attendance was less than 30% which turned in more than 80%. The local people and the guardians are involved in any program of the school and that school is able to create harmony in the slum areas

• At Dwarir Jungle, Sundarban where we scale up the skills of the local natives by providing several training sessions to understand how to utilise their local natural resources and how they can develop their economic condition. After 2 years of dedicated work, we established the 1st English medium school (subsidize) named Maa Sarada Vivekananda Ramakrishna Mission Academy in that region (with smart class, Computers, under surveillance with CCTV cameras) and the natives are able to send their children to the school and also they are able to provide some portion of tuition fees by their income. Now they are willing to do more work and send their children to school.

• At Gangatikuri, East Burdwan, where we also started an English medium school with 5 students with a monthly fee of Rs. 300/-, but all guardians of the five students submit concession applications for monthly fees. Now after 4 years we have 76 students and their monthly fees is on an average Rs. 700/- and there are no concession applications from their end because we are able to develop their economic condition and make them aware of the importance of the education of their children. The entire school is under Sustainability.

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