Knowledge Prabhat

Knowledge প্রভাত- at Durganagar, A Free English Medium School

Knowledge প্রভাত at Durganagar, Kolkata: (Free Schools)

KPS is our first initiation to spread education in the weaker Section of our society. It is a Free English Medium School whose goal is to provide top value added education children of the society. Apart from regular academic classes we emphasize on oral and character building education by providing extra-curricular activities like drawings, Yoga, Karate, Vision Activity Program, Abacus.  This school was our first pilot project which gives us courage to run another four schools in the next 5years.

Mission of this Schools

Birati Globe Vision Society has introducved this school as a part of the mission of creating “Knowledge Village” where this school will provide to those poor children who came of afford education and hence don’t achieve success. “Knowledge Prabhat” has been created on the basis of that education and skill development will be done hand-in-hand with proper guidance and training. We need to improvise at the very base of primary school to ensure a better future. The students need to be self-sufficient just from the very beginning of their life. To reap the seeds from the very beginning the students are these given compulsory English based education to compete with the

bigger world later on. The school will continue with effective learning with various self-development programs for the future and also will create a “Knowledge Village” whoch will give effective to the students.

Vision of this Schools

The vision of the school is to induce the idea of BASK (Behavior-Attitude-Skill-Knowledge) in the whole person to build a complete person. Each student will have the proper capacity to strive for the best top put in then effects for the required job skills. These, a value added education system is required where youth will get academic education as well as hand in hand education to build up a proper career.

Teaching Method of this Schools

  • To give an opportunity for the underprivileged children for acquiring a minimum level of education.
  • To develop self-confidence, awareness about various social issues and moral character of them by organizing extra-curricular activities.
  • To promote we feel the sense of brotherhood and also about the team work which helps them to adjust with environment.
  • Learn to live with full of dignity and respect.
  • We also arrange the free evening classes for the children thus they learned everything from the schools and guardians did not expend a single penny for the child education.
  • Other includes like full English conversation to build up their spoken English capacity and recreational classes like Music, Rhyme.
  • Other awareness program like necessity of blood donation, tree plantation, anti-drugs awareness also conduct in the school.



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