The 11 Many Exciting Queer movies of 2017 to date

The 11 Many Exciting Queer movies of 2017 to date

From “Call me personally By Your Name” to “The Death and lifetime of Marsha P. Johnson,” 2017 is shaping up become another advertising for queer cinema year.

Jun 29, 2017 2:11 pm

Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name”

This past year had been a windfall 12 months for LGBTQ cinema, by way of a historic Best photo win for “Moonlight” and Park Chan-wook’s exquisite “The Handmaiden” both receiving critical and acclaim that is commercial. While these extremely deserving stories that are queer to the most effective, many smaller LGBT films had been either forgotten or just nowhere can be found.

Hollywood studios have begun to shoehorn blink-and-you’ll-miss-it homosexual stories into an endless blast of remakes and television adaptations, and there’s an array of indies checking out the breadth of queer stories with ever-expanding joy and nuance. It’s wonderful that, only halfway through 2017, there are already so many queer films on the horizon while it’s still difficult to get a gay film made (or any film, for that matter. Which explains why it is thought by us’s crucial to celebrate them now, prior to the scuttle of prizes season actually leaves just a few staying.

From promising up-and-comers to pioneers associated with the brand new Queer Cinema, they are the most readily useful gay, lesbian, and queer films being released (and proudly) in 2017. Notably, many of them have actually yet to locate U.S. circulation, but each one is equally worthy.

1. “Call Me Personally By Your Name”

“Call Me Personally By Your Name”