Alonzo Arnold On Identifying Being An Asexual Male, Bending Gender Norms And Perfecting His Craft

Alonzo Arnold On Identifying Being An Asexual Male, Bending Gender Norms And Perfecting His Craft

Because exposure — and a wig that is g d matter.

17, 2018 at 9 35 pm december

It’s almost impossible to not come across master wig maker and social media personality Alonzo Arnold’s stunning creations and hilarious content if you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram. As he doesn’t are having issues putting their market on game towards the most useful chicken spots in Atlanta and lace-front techniques on earth, he additionally does not shy away about their identification being an asexual, black colored man. Unafraid to fold sex norms, Arnold is obviously prepared having a l k that is cute overcome face.

While LGBTQIA+ individuals have gained more visibility in recent years, in line with the 2014 Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) Community Census, of most its individuals through the U.S., African United states individuals additionally pinpointing as asexual only accounted for about 2.5 % for the over 10,000 study contributors.

Blavity talked with Arnold about their intimate identity and passion to make wigs, along with the magic of strip club chicken.

Blavity you might be a chicken connoisseur. If you’re going to Atlanta, where’s the best chicken?

Alonzo Arnold You have to head to Blue Flame, honey. It is just like a strip club.

Blavity Wait —

Arnold Yes. However when we inform you the chicken is the greatest — it is possible to just go in and obtain some chicken! You are able to simply walk right in and tell them, “I’m not even trying to get in right here and glance at y’all stripping. I’m just right here to obtain some chicken.”I ended up being here yesterday evening! It’s the bomb.

Blavity seems like a meal plus some scenery. In your very own terms, how can you describe asexuality?

Arnold I’m a virgin. I’ve not had sex with or dated any female or male. I really do consider myself interested in men, but i might never date a male explanation being is the fact that I’m simply centered on myself more.