Extending The Facts: Do Lesbians And Gay Guys Lie About Their Height?

Extending The Facts: Do Lesbians And Gay Guys Lie About Their Height?

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Every person just about understands the significance of being high when dating when you look at the right community. It describes why many lie about their height that is own in relationship. But exactly what about among homosexual & lesbians? Does being tall make you more appealing or less appealing? Do they lie about their height too? By analyzing a huge number of interactions between Coffee Meets Bagel’s homosexual guys and lesbians, we possess the information how height affects attraction for same-sex couples. (have a guess just before browse the rest!)

All Men Lie (but some lie a lot more than others)

An average of, the homosexual males of CMB state they have been 5’9.7″ high; in contrast, based on the nationwide health insurance and Nutrition Examination Survey , guys in the usa amongst the ages of 20 and 39 are merely 5’9.5″ tall. This huge difference, albeit little, is significant at 1% utilizing a t-test. Therefore either the homosexual populace on CMB is merely taller as compared to normal males in america, or they exaggerate their height somewhat. It is possibly the latter but that’s okay because this just shown that homosexual guys lie lower than right guys!

Therefore will be high that is“good “bad”?

To discover, a model is needed by us.

Hot as he is, we don’t think he has the responses.