Knowledge Probhat: A free English medium primary level school
BGVS is an institution engaged in the welfare of the society. Since 2007, it had continued its progress through fulfill of its objective by undertaking and also implementing various welfare activities for the people. Poverty is the curse of our society and as a result many of our children did not get the ray of education and thus frustration, hopelessness, distraction and at last violation also prevailing among the youth in our society.

BGVS aims to disseminate the concept of Sanskrit word “Rajashri” (Saintly King) among the youth to fulfill that dream through the course of education.

Keeping in mind BGVS has started a school name ‘Knowledge Probhat’ which gives the students a new way of teaching.

At present it started with a group of children of class one. But in future it will increase its standard step by step.

BGVS provides all kind of educational as well as teaching materials to the students. Tuitions are also given free of cost.

In this school, the percentage of pass marks is 80 instead of 30 so that allows ignorance to be more than double the volume of knowledge. The syllabus is limited. Besides the classroom teaching various books on life skills which are helping the student’s personality development and it also increase their level of confidence.

BGVS organizes parent-teacher meeting where feedbacks are given to the parents regarding child’s progress, strength, weaknesses and also their talents.

By organizing cultural events and co-curricular activities which ensure holistic development of the children.

The prime aims and objectives of knowledge Probhat are as follows.

• To give an opportunity for the poor children for acquiring a minimum level of education.

• To develop self-confidence, aware about various societal issues and moral character of them by organizing extracurricular activities.

• To promote we feeling, sense of brotherhood and also about the team work which helps them to adjust with the environment.

• Learn to live with dignity and respect.

• To give them enough scope for show their inner potentials and talents.

Health Camps
Health is the key elements for an individual life and it leads to social change. Though various policies and schemes are launched by the Government to improve the health condition but due to improper implementation, unskilled professional, lack of awareness among the people, infrastructure related problem etc., which are affecting the health condition of our country in comparison to the development countries. Urban areas of our country have better health facilities than the rural areas because in urban areas most of the big hospitals and medical collages are situated. Communication also plays an important role for good health and it is also better in urban areas. BGVS has taken several activities to improve the health status particularly for rural people in the villages of West Bengal.

BGVS organizes free health check-up camps in the rural villages of these four districts to sensitize the community people about the health. Through this initiative BGVS try to reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases in rural areas. Medicines are also distributed among the village people free of cost.

The prime aims and objectives of knowledge Probhat are as follows.

• To spread awareness about health among the rural people

• To reduce communicable and non- communicable disease

• To raise the level of health condition in rural areas

• To decrease the maternal mortality rate

Anti-Drugs Awareness Programme
A huge seminar was conducted by BGVS to spread awareness about drug abuse and its effects to the localities especially the youth so as to refocus their energy to productive activities rather than such self-destructive activities.