Rural areas of our country offers limited opportunities and scope of earnings is very lower category in nature particularly for those who are uneducated. For this category of people BGVS provides various skills development and vocational training which helps them not only increase their earning potentials but also improve their standard of living too. Since 2007 BGVS has been working on Education, Livelihood and Health sector at grass root level for the development of rural as well as urban communities in West-Bengal. At present BGVS working in 4 district of the state. The districts are Hooghly, North 24 Parganas, Bankura and Nadia. The main objectives of this initiative are as follows

• To increase the standard of living of the rural people

• To increase opportunities of their earning potentials

• To make the rural people self reliant

The following list of training programs has been conducted till now.

1. Name of the program: Tailoring training program.

Districts: Hooghly, Nadia, 24pgs(north).

Target group: Women.

Details of the program: We provide tailoring training to the rural women for their livelihood purposes. It increases the earning potentials of women and also standard of living.

Number of beneficiaries: 400 till now.

Number of trainer- 5

2. Name of the program: Soft toys making courses

Districts: Howrah, Hooghly

Target group: Adolescent girls

Details of the program: We provide soft toys making to the adolescent girls of the rural villages of these two districts. It helps them to get financial support for their own purpose.

Number of beneficiaries: 100 till now.

3. Name of the program: Nylon Bag making course

Districts: North 24 pgs, Howrah

Target group: Women

Details of the program: We provide training on making of nylon bag. It aims to raising their income level which helps them to live with dignity in the society.

Number of beneficiaries: 300 till date.

4. Name of the program: Paper craft training

Districts: Nadia, Howrah, North 24 pgs

Target group: Women

Details of the program: We provide paper craft training to the village women. It gives them an opportunity to contribute of their own family.

Number of beneficiaries: 200 till date.