About The Organization
Birati Globe Vision Society (BGVS) is a non-Governmental, humanitarian organization based in West-Bengal, India.It aims to improve the quality of education in West-Bengal and interventions to address gaps in the present forms of education system which will create an adoptable demonstration model for the Government.
Besides education BGVS also working in the field of livelihood promotion in rural areas through providing various vocational training for the rural people of the state with the aim of making self reliant of them.
It also links enterprising women with microfinance institutions which gives the women entrepreneur’s crucial financial support that might not be otherwise available on them.
Our organization also working on health sector to improve the health condition of rural people by conducting blood donation camp and various awareness generation programs rapidly.
Mainly the organization activities are focused on the development of the rural villages of West-Bengal. And most of the work undertaken by our organization is spread across the four districts of the state, namely-North24pgs, Hoogly , Nodia and also in Howrah where BGVS has an active presence.